Oxford Premium Consult

Premium Investment plans from Oxford Green Farms, a product of Oxford International Group; the nation’s fastest AgroInvestment company 

Why Invest?

A scalable investment that presents a major solution for national development and growth.  In Nigeria, inflation is at 17.3% and we offer a 35% return on investment for a 12months plan 41% for a 14years plan.


Ginger Farm

Ginger is a high export product; Exporting Ginger from Nigeria is very lucrative and easy to do. Nigeria is the largest exporter of dried split ginger. Nigeria has the 2nd largest production share of about 16% after India with a production share of 33.9%.

Pepper Farm

Nigeria is known to be one of the major producers of pepper in the World accounting for about 50% of Africans production. With a large distribution network massive enough to carry out the output from production

Turmeric Farm

Turmeric is a viable Nigeria spice that also has a high export level only second to India. The Nigeria soil is one of the best in the World for tumeric farming . 

Premium Offers