Modern online and offline Marketplace for Africa

MainMarket plugs businesses in Africa into their surroundings and connects them to anyone, anywhere in the world

Watch Founder/CEO, Kufre Edward, discuss how to use MainMarket

Open a Koisk

Create an online store to display everyday products. It’s free and easy to use 

Digital Communities

MainMarket builds a digitalized decentralized community by connecting the locale to value providers closest to them. 

MainMarket is revolutionizing the way our locale communities work by utilizing technology into everyday persons and businesses  

Become a Pillar

MainMarket utilizes agents as individual persons, community leaders, brands and businesses through it’s franchising.

Find Any Product In Any Market!

Allow our agents do the running and searching for you, we have a 100% product discovery and a 99% customer satisfaction.

In accordance to our core values, the customer is priority, with agents in over 500+ marketplaces across West Africa we are the best in product hunt.

Protect yourself and your finances while doing business

Covert to Coweries ( MainMarketMoney ) to save, invest and trade safely with customers, vendors and partners. Use MainMarketMoney and trust the value of your spending.

Get free money for using MainMarkert

Understand the need to give back to the community MainMarket offers you freebies as your use our platform and features. Enjoy MainMarket. For Nigerian users only

Trusted by 10,000+ businesses

Thousands of organizations are powered by features on Mainmarket. Trust MainMarket!

MainMarket for small businesses

MainMarket helps small business grow by increasing sales by 50% in the first month of partnership.

MainMarket for Digital communities

MainMarket transforms communities by digitalizing the value chain and connecting the locale to the potential business both near and afar.

MainMarket for Global Brands

MainMarket connects with global brands to bring the best user experience to their potential and existing customers.